Monday, March 06, 2006

Stop the clocks

People have reassured me that no matter what day one chooses for a wedding, the date is bound to conflict with the remembrance of a tragedy which makes celebrating on that day seem tacky, so one should just go ahead and be happy and try to refocus that date towards a happier memory.
You see, our wedding will be on August 6, the infamous day that the Enola Gay dropped Little Boy on Hiroshima. Now, I'm not superstitious, so I'm not afraid that it's somehow a day of bad omen. After all, this is also a day that brought us the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the launch of Prince's Purple Rain, Jamaican Independence, and the Cuban Revolution; it also brought the Oklahoma land rush, Suvla Bay, and the birth of Ginger Spice. So, all things considered, even with Little Boy figured in, August 6 is a pretty mixed bag.
It's just that our wedding site is across the street from here.
Now, part of me hopes that there is a big protest at the atomic museum, but some small, previously unaknowledged bridezilla within wants the protest to be more quiet than not, and is ticked that they moved the museum from Kirtland AFB to this former REI so as to interfere with my day. Selfish, selfish, selfish pro-fission memorializers!
Also, to those interested in protesting, wouldn't Trinity Site be a much more appropriate place?
Oof, I'm a horrible person with no sense of taste or propriety, and I'm totally going to hell just for thinking about this. Sorry!


Blogger The Maid of Honor said...

Hey, it's Lucille Ball's birthday. That has to count for something, right?

March 06, 2006 2:21 PM  
Blogger jennifer said...

the birth of ginger spice outweighs all else. your wedding is going to kick ass! ;)

March 06, 2006 8:17 PM  
Blogger lo said...

It's also Elliot Smith's birthday, too-- what does that mean?

March 07, 2006 3:57 PM  

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