Sunday, June 10, 2007

Up Poop's Peak

Can you see our house? Our sobrinos came to town this weekend and thought up the above nickname for our region's most famous geographical feature. So much for the historical society's efforts to promote the positive side of old Zeb's expedition.

We rode to the top of said peak yesterday, which was a treat for the boysitos, although sometimes it seemed to me that Ash would have been just as happy riding on the glass "alligator" at the hotel. The views were striking, although all the adults felt like mushed bananas afterwards. Altitude does that. We took a picture like the one above, and Lola will be putting more on her flickr site.

Alex composed a song about our new home state. It goes something like this.
Colorado! Colorado!
The people there have the feen
To burn gasoline.
I met somebody named Dean
Who likes to eat beans.
I think there was more of the song the first time I heard it, but this would seem to be the "emotional core." For the record, the song was composed on the drive north, and I don't know of our meeting anybody named Dean.

I didn't recognize the word feen, but here are some definitions from the "Urban dictionary."

1) feen is when you think about something 24/7 and you cant get it off your mind
2. To crave a drug that you habitually use. This induces stress and behavioral abnormalities. When the drug is administered, symptoms subside.
3). To crave anything. ("Man, I been feenin' fo a hit o' crack all day!" )
The "eye dialect" here is theirs, not mine. So it looks like Alex is using "feen" in a more or less idiomatic way. Am I getting old?