Saturday, July 29, 2006

The fastest way to get from Austin to Albuquerque

No joke! This route is scientifically tested and confirmed to be the very fastest!
1) First, drive from Austin to Fort Stockton Texas. This should take about six hours. You'll pass a big wind farm just as you should start thinking about turning north in the next hour or so.
2) Then head north on US 285. This will take you through Carlsbad and Roswell. Carlsbad Caverns are out of your way, but there is a lot of fun UFO kitsch in Roswell to make up for this. Also, if you stop somewhere north of Roswell, think about picking up some Carizozo Orchards Cherry Cider. So good!
3) At Clines Corners, turn left/ west. It's easy to get impatient at this point, because you're so close. But be careful! It's named Tijeras Canyon for a reason, and there are lots of scary trucks on I-40!

The total distance is 750 miles, or so. I find this trip to be kind of restful and nice, and when I drive it in the winter, at night it seems like I am driving straight into the Perseids meteor shower. So this drive is another thing that I will miss about Austin.


Blogger Bill Norris said...

Congrats. And thanks for a terrific weekend. I'll try to get some pictures up here: in the next couple of days.

August 09, 2006 1:18 AM  

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