Sunday, January 21, 2007

Everybody's Happy, Everybody's Old

OK, folks, I'm going to do Laura one better. I didn't even have to leave the house to feel old. Here were my wife and I, watching TV like a well-domesticated couple, and all of the sudden, along comes a commercial for the AARP using ... the Buzzcocks' Everybody's Happy. OK, so the song is 28 years old, but the BUZZCOCKS in an AARP commercial? I'm not the only person who has commented on this, as you can imagine. Popmatters even mentions the AARP in their discussion of the Buzzcocks' comeback efforts. So much for my street cred. All I can do is note that the commercial played only the refrain, "Everybody's happy nowadays," skipping over the lines "Life's an illusion, Love is a dream," that come before it.


Blogger Bill Norris said...

You know, a few years back, I went to a Buzzcock's show. They sounded frekaing great, but I was in the balcony, watching the thrashing mob down in the pit.

I was staring down on guts and bald spots. And, from my perch, I just wanted to warn them, "Be carefull, you might break a hip."

January 24, 2007 11:41 PM  

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