Saturday, May 06, 2006

Yay! Presents!

Look what greeted Pete on Wednesday morning! A smiling box!
It's our second wedding gift, from Margarita and Enrico. It's a clock that allows you to wake up to music from your own ipod. Margi thought that during my last few weeks of dissertating, I could probably use some powerful help in getting me out of bed and to my computer (Margi knows me and my sleep powers well).

Grover was very excited and pleased with this atmosphere of generosity! He wanted to get in on the act, too!

So Thursday morning greeted us with Grover's gift, a self-powered, portable entertainment center:

Granted, this is the equivalent of giving a toddler a Nintendo, planning not to let it go to waste while the kid develops, y'know, motor skills. Grover gamely tried to demonstrate just how much fun these things are, and was sort of ticked when we released his gift in the neighbor's yard. Ingrates, the both of us.


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